Notes from Colleen’s Desk

Notes from Colleen’s Desk: Loans, Leverage and Losses

By Codi Spodnik | June 12, 2019

This year marks the 25th year that SOREDI has managed a Business Development Loan Program, thanks in large part to seed funds provided by the EDA and USDA. As the region’s federally appointed Economic Development District, we are established as a gap financer. Our job as such is to help eligible credit-worthy clients attain the financing […]

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Notes from Colleen’s Desk: Gadgets & Change – the Impact of Technology

By Codi Spodnik | May 29, 2019

SOREDI has a consultant in town this week. We are ready to embark upon a new frontier, to discover the best vision and path forward for Southern Oregon as we develop our next 5-year regional and comprehensive economic development strategy. As our staff gathered this morning for an initial roundtable conversation with the consultants, they […]

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Notes From Colleen’s Desk: Rogue Adventure, 32nd Annual Meeting

By Codi Spodnik | May 1, 2019

Time really does fly when you are on a great adventure! This year at SOREDI has been full of many roguediculous moments, pivotal action steps, and adventure as we’ve pursued greater things for the good of our Southern Oregon business community and every citizen. We can’t wait to tell you more! So we are pleased to announce […]

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Notes from Colleen’s Desk: The Common Denominator

By Codi Spodnik | April 17, 2019

You may be wondering what drives the initiatives we take on at SOREDI.  Initiatives like our long-standing and award-winning Industry Tours, our Southern Oregon Edge business profiles, the annual Rogue Tech Collective Tech Tour, and SOREDI Quest, were all initiated by SOREDI in the last decade. While we do love to create and implement relevant […]

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Notes from Colleen’s Desk: Enterprise Zones – What’s it Worth to You? $403 Million?

By Codi Spodnik | April 3, 2019

[pdf-embedder url=””] When communities offer large cash incentives to entice a company to relocate, a lot of buzz starts up in the news. New York and Texas may come to mind. We’re a little different in Oregon. The State of Oregon does not offer cash incentives, rather, our primary incentive is property tax abatement. Only […]

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Save the Date: Rogue Adventure – SOREDI’s 32nd Annual Meeting

By Codi Spodnik | March 27, 2019

Join us in our quest for a shared vision to make Southern Oregon the most business-friendly region on the West Coast! You will identify the hidden jewels throughout our region and compete for valuable rewards! We will share the treks we’ve taken, the obstacles we’ve overcome and expeditions we have planned for the future! Mark […]

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Notes from Colleen’s Desk: Moving from Proclamations to Strategic Doing

By Codi Spodnik | March 13, 2019

With 14 of 15 jurisdictions having issued Business Friendly Proclamations over the last 10 weeks, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to shift our focus from proclamation to strategic doing. This was a key message shared at SOREDI’s second Crown Dinner held in Grants Pass on Friday, March 1. Elected officials from 9 communities gathered […]

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Notes from Colleen’s Desk: Relationship-Mongers Hard at Work

By Codi Spodnik | February 13, 2019

At our Southern Oregon Business Conference just two weeks ago, one of the speakers referenced an “R” word while sharing his findings on whether the economy would experience another “recession” anytime soon. He offered that the data in the normal metrics tracked by economists did not support this; and then he explained how hard it […]

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Notes from Colleen’s Desk: The Jeweled Crown is Southern Oregon!

By Codi Spodnik | January 16, 2019

If you’ve been engaged with SOREDI lately, you might have heard us refer to our jeweled crown.  Don’t worry, we aren’t actually wearing one. That jeweled crown is Southern Oregon itself and every community from Butte Falls to Grants Pass, Jacksonville to Shady Cove, is an amazing gem in the jeweled crown. Our crown would […]

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Notes from Colleen’s Desk: Thoughts on Proclamations

By Codi Spodnik | January 9, 2019

What is a Proclamation, exactly? I had not given much weight or credence to the word proclamation before. Webster says it’s “a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance.” Of great importance. We may all have something of great importance to announce at some time or another; a promotion, […]

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