Board Member Guest Blogs: Kaycee Miller

In preparation for an upcoming series on Moving Forward through Change, SOREDI’s Board Members were invited to share a few thoughts on change: professional and personal. Kaycee Miller, SOREDI Board Member, and Marketing Director at Rentec Direct, contributed the following responses.

  • What is the biggest change your company has made during the past 20 months?

Rentec Direct has seen incredible growth in the past 20 months. Most notably, we launched a new software experience for our property management and landlord clients. This new product, which we’ve named The Remodel, gives our clients access to all our features in a modern design to streamline their workflow, as well as access to new features and resources. We want our clients’ experience with our software to be easy, efficient, and powerful, which The Remodel delivers!

The Remodel was truly a team effort and labor of love from our whole company – the Development Team created the software, our Marketing Team tells people about it, our Product Advisors show it off, and our Client Success Team helps people use it. Every aspect of its development, launch, and management is done in-house by our Grants Pass-based workforce.

Kaycee Miller, SOREDI Board Member
  • Do you foresee more economic changes coming for your business/industry?

The pandemic forced more people to adopt automated, touchless services and helped push some real estate-related practices online. For Rentec Direct, we saw an increase in online rent payments and our clients using more features within the software features. 

As people become more comfortable with doing business online, I believe we will continue to see an increase in online rent payments. It will become the industry standard, compared to paper rent checks. 

  • How have you been able to react to change on a personal level?

Working in the tech sector, I constantly anticipate change. I know there is always going to be a new software, a feature enhancement, or a gadget that will make a task easier and faster.  This attitude works well when a change enhances my day-to-day, but naturally, changes might happen where I have no choice and that I am less enthusiastic about. For changes that I am less excited about or forced into, I always look for the impetus for change to understand the value and how it will, eventually (hopefully), add value to my life. 

  • What do you think about the changes SOREDI has made? (Shifting focus to grants, etc.)

I enjoy seeing the changes and ongoing evolution SOREDI makes to meet the needs of our region’s businesses. Like many organizations, they’ve adapted to provide resources and support to southern Oregon businesses in a way that is accessible and approachable. We need our region’s businesses, employees, and entrepreneurs to be able to find information and receive help when faced with challenges and SOREDI provides these through online services, education, grants, and funding opportunities.

As a board member, we welcome a guest speaker to each meeting to share their experience working with SOREDI to help launch or prosper their business. This new segment during our meetings has been a great way for us to see the exceptional work SOREDI does in southern Oregon to support economic development.

  • Can you provide a favorite quote on change?

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right.” -Tony Robbins


Thank you for sharing, Kaycee!

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