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Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Oregon Swiss Precision

SOREDI has been of value to Oregon Swiss Precision since we moved to Grants Pass to start this company in 1989. SOREDI was a source of advice regarding sources for supplies, shipping contacts, and recruiting employees. Later as we expanded and grew SOREDI was instrumental with property tax abatement incentives, grant funding, and financial assistance.

Tim Hart
Tim Hart Duro-Last Roofing

Duro-Last has a great working relationship with SOREDI, who has been instrumental in our growth and expansion throughout the years. SOREDI has helped us with property tax abatement incentives through the enterprise zone and has helped us interface with local community leaders.

Bob Hunter
Bob Hunter United Rotary Clubs of Southern Oregon

Thanks to SOREDI for your invaluable assistance in our final stage of the Back to Work project. You really made our lives a lot easier and helped us identify a large number of small businesses worthy of support. Thank you!

Vern Frol
Vern Frol Fire Mountain Gems

SOREDI provides essential expertise and resources to help attract companies to Southern Oregon. Their support allowed Fire Mountain Gems to transition from the Illinois Valley to Grants Pass, growing from 160 employees to over 500. Their support of the electronic commerce zone is one example of how they partnered with us to grow our business investment, as well as attract qualified employees to the region.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell Encore Ceramics

SOREDI has been instrumental in the existence of Encore Ceramics in Josephine County and our continued survival beyond the effects of the recession. SOREDI provided part of the funding needed to relocate the company from California which over the last twelve years has contributed over $16 million in payroll to its local employees.

Alan Young
Alan Young Radio Design Group

Outside of our own clients, SOREDI stands out as our most impactful business associate. Whether through facilitating opportunistic use of government training funds, or supporting us with a business loan during a time of need, or through simply providing sage advice, SOREDI has been a remarkable and reliable source of support. They are a tremendous asset to businesses in southern Oregon.

Belinda Marzi
Belinda Marzi Marzi Sink

Without SOREDI and its assistance with enterprise zone benefits and expansion financing, we would not have been able to relocate our factory from Seaside, California to Grants Pass, Oregon. SOREDI values building a strong business community in hopes that the future will be prosperous for all.

Don and Lynn Roemer
Don and Lynn Roemer Cascade Metal Recycling

SOREDI provided the necessary gap financing that made our project work. Everything came together in short order allowing us to expand our facility and capacities, while also hiring new employees.

John Brinkert Jr.
John Brinkert Jr. Custom Door Parts

I have never seen so many people so eager to lend a hand in our transition to Southern Oregon. Everyone has been extremely helpful – it has been extraordinary. In addition, we have found an exceptional workforce here with a great work ethic.

Steve Brown
Steve Brown CDS Publications

Having lived in some great places up and down the west coast, I certainly treasure the opportunity I’ve had to live in a place that is not only beautiful, but has provided an unparalleled family environment. Moreover it is truly a great place to do business AND raise a family AND have an excellent overall quality of life. SOREDI works hard to help business prosper while also supporting a healthy, vibrant community that is economically growing and diversified.

Heidi Phillips
Heidi Phillips Tierra Del Sol

Tierra del Sol would not have been able to get financing for the store without SOREDI. SOREDI is an important resource in Southern Oregon that allowed me to start my business and fulfill my dream!

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