More Than 40 Percent of Jobs Paid at Least $20.00 Per Hour in 2018

By Research Division of the Oregon Employment Department | July 19, 2019

In 2018, the largest number of jobs was held by professional and business services (449,745 or 14.3% of the total jobs in Oregon). The leisure and hospitality industry ran not far behind, capturing 431,829 (13.8% of all) jobs that year. In terms of percent increase, that industry has rebounded more than any other (up 21.4%) since the recession a decade ago. Despite over-the-year gains, three

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Exceptional Groups, Companies and One Inspiring Individual Honored by SOREDI’s Prosper Awards

By SOREDI | July 17, 2019

Three companies, one exceptional group and a particularly inspiring individual were honored at SOREDI’s 2019 Annual Meeting, held June 27 at Ashland Hills Hotel in Ashland. Each year, SOREDI recognizes companies and groups in our region that exhibit the qualities of Collaboration, Prosperity, Tenacity and Ingenuity. These are the defining characteristics that SOREDI recognizes as […]

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Community Gems: Books, Buildings and More in Phoenix!

By Codi Spodnik | July 16, 2019

Along I-5 sits a small Southern Oregon city that deserves recognition. Named after a Connecticut Insurance Company in the 1850s, this city now has roughly 4,600 residents. If you think I’m talking about Phoenix, Oregon…you are correct!  The city of Phoenix may not be as busy as some cities, but it maintains small-town community spirit—as […]

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Oregon’s Unemployment Rate 4.1 Percent in June

By Research Division of the Oregon Employment Department | July 16, 2019

Oregon’s unemployment rate was 4.1 percent in June, essentially unchanged from 4.2 percent in May. Oregon’s unemployment rate has been between 4.0 percent and 4.4 percent for 32 months, dating back to November 2016. The U.S. unemployment rate was little changed at 3.7 percent in June.

Oregon’s unemployment rate has been at or near record low levels for nearly three years. Of those unemployed in

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2019 MFG Summit: GET REAL!

By Codi Spodnik | July 12, 2019

GET REAL! Futureproof Your Reality by attending MFG Summit 2019. Are you ready for Industry 4.0? While some companies may try to remain in denial of this fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution, smart manufacturers are adopting changes now that will leverage the potential of the technologies that are coming our way (and the ones […]

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May 2019 Oregon Statewide Economic Indicators

By Tim Duy | July 12, 2019

This is the University of Oregon State of Oregon Economic Indicators for May 2019. The release date is July 12, 2019. Special thanks to our sponsor, KeyBank Link to full report (with expanded charts!) here. The Oregon Measure of Economic… Continue Reading

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Long-Term Job Openings Fueled by Replacements

By Research Division of the Oregon Employment Department | July 12, 2019

Continued job growth and record low unemployment are making it difficult for Oregon businesses to fill current vacancies, and Oregon’s economy is expected to create 263,000 job openings each year through 2027.At 12 percent, expected employment growth in Oregon from 2017 to 2027 is more than one and a half times the projected national growth rate of 7.4 percent. In some industries, the state is

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Notes from Colleen’s Desk: Lessons in the Garden

By Codi Spodnik | July 10, 2019

I’ve been spending a bit of time in the garden lately – planting, watering, and of course, weeding. A lot of weeding! No doubt, there are a lot of lessons to be learned in the garden about effectively cultivating the soil, nurturing the young and tender seedlings, and relentlessly pulling out every weed that threatens […]

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Serving Up Summer Jobs

By Research Division of the Oregon Employment Department | July 9, 2019

Oregon has been adding nearly 18,000 farm jobs and 56,000 nonfarm private-sector jobs from winter to summer for the past three years, making it fairly easy for teens and others to pick up a summer job. Industries adding many summer jobs in Oregon include agriculture, leisure and hospitality, construction, retail trade, and temporary help services. Popular occupations added in the summer include

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Jordan Willing joins July 11 LAUNCH|Talk Panel

By Codi Spodnik | July 8, 2019

Jordan Willing, founder and CEO of JMW SALES, has joined our LAUNCH|Talk panel for Thursday, July 11. JMW is a consumer products company based in Ashland whose mission is to develop purposeful products that inspire and make an impact. JMW has successfully brought over 500 educational products to market under their own house brands such as […]

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