Board Member Guest Blogs: Tom Fischer

In preparation for an upcoming series on Moving Forward through Change, SOREDI’s Executive Committee was asked to share a few thoughts on change: professional and personal. Tom Fischer, SOREDI Board Member, and Broker with Coldwell Banker Commercial ProWest, contributed the following responses.

Tom Fischer, SOREDI Board Member
  • What is the biggest change your company has made during the past 20 months?

The past twenty months have included many changes. But the biggest change? I sold my company. This means Freedom!!!!

Without the day-to-day tasks of running each of those, I have more time to focus on my clients and their transactions. That’s what I enjoy doing.  Not the paperwork or dealing with the copier. I want to be helping the client.

  • Do you foresee more economic changes coming for your business/industry?

I learned from the Great Recession that I can’t predict the future, but I figure that the pattern of economic highs and lows will continue. Here in the Rogue Valley, we’re fortunate; the economy’s much more stable than in Silicon Valley. There it’s an E-ticket, here it’s more of a C-ticket.

(Fischer went on to explain that Disneyland rides used to be ranked on their intensity, A through E, with A being a calm ride and E being very intense).

  • How have you been able to react to change on a personal level?

That ties into my first answer: selling the business was a big change. However, when I realized I wasn’t enjoying running the company as much as I used to, I was fine with that change. I’m always looking for a way to do a better job.

  • What do you think about the changes SOREDI has made? (Shifting focus to grants, etc.)

Very good.  It was a great example in “stepping forward” to answer a need.  We served a lot of people, and by having SOREDI help facilitate grants, getting millions of dollars out the door went far faster and smoother than it might have. We may have to shift back to more networking in the future, but I’m proud to be associated with SOREDI.

  • Can you provide a favorite quote on change?

“The older I get, the more I realize what I don’t know.” – Unknown


Thank you for sharing, Tom!

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