Board Profile: Tom Fischer

Tom Fischer wears many hats apart from working with Coldwell Banker Commercial NW and the SOREDI Board. He is also the board chair of Medford’s Rogue Retreat, which offers help to the homeless in the Rogue Valley, and he is a Scuba Instructor who loves free diving in his spare time. Tom has lived in Southern Oregon since 2005, when he moved up from the San Francisco Bay area. He and his wife (of thirty-six years), have two daughters—one who is currently in Silicon Valley, and the other who is in Mexico.

Fun Fact: Tom is one out of ten children!

Book Recommendations: Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy; How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollen

Movie Recommendations: Out of Africa

Why Should a Business Owner Move to Southern Oregon? There is a high quality of life—not the horrendous traffic of metropolitan areas. People in Southern Oregon generally know how to take time away from work to accomplish other goals.

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