Kaycee Miller

Kaycee Miller, SOREDI Board Member

Kaycee Miller is passionate about connecting younger generations with the workforce, developing Rentec Direct’s internship program and serving as the Rentec Direct Tech Mastery Scholarship Chair.

Kaycee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Sociology from the University of California at Davis.  Kaycee has been in Southern Oregon since 2011, drawn to the region’s adventurous spirit, relaxed atmosphere, and beautiful environment.

Fun Fact: Kaycee loves to play ping pong, is decent at juggling, and even better at making fresh pasta. Kaycee is also a writer and a real estate investor, but her favorite activity by far is cheering on her two sons.

Why should a business owner move to Southern Oregon? Southern Oregon is the ideal place to live, work, and play. With mountain views calling you to come explore the beautiful outdoors, you’ll always be able to find an adventure that’s right for you, from hiking or skiing to wine tasting or attending an outdoor concert. We are a region of community support and success, welcoming residents, visitors, and newcomers alike.

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