Community Stories: A Visit to Camelot

When was the last time you went to the theatre?* (Most likely pre-covid). Whether you have a penchant for comedy, satire, or swashbuckling adventure, the Camelot Theatre in Talent has a seat waiting for you!* (Possibly Fall 2021). Talent is home to roughly 6,500 people, but the Camelot theatre draws in both actors and patrons from all across Southern Oregon.  You don’t have to pull Excalibur from a stone to enjoy a visit to Camelot, and frequent specials or chances at rush-tickets make high-class entertainment a *(future) opportunity for everyone.

Originally founded in 1982 as the “Actors’ Theatre,” the semi-professional acting community took up residence in a feed-store that was later converted to a 104-seat theatre. In 2010, the theatre, now called the Camelot Theatre Company, launched a campaign to raise $2.5 million to purchase land, and design a new building—shortly before the old one would have been demolished by city redevelopment plans. The designing of the Camelot we’re now so familiar with was a hearty task, but one that “attracted national attention and was chosen to be included in the United States exhibit at the Prague Quadrennial in June 2011—the largest event of its kind in the world.” Construction finished in 2011, and the current James Morrison Collier Theatre Building is now even more enhanced for performances and capacity than the old space. Thanks to funding from over 500 individual donors, the nonprofit Camelot Theatre continues to serve the Rogue Valley—and especially the community of Talent—with quality productions for all ages.

According to Talent’s mayor, Darby Ayers-Flood, “Camelot Theatre is a cornerstone of the Historic Downtown District. Its opening has been a stimulus of a lively food [and] music scene.” Located on the corner of Talent Avenue and Main Street, Camelot’s prime location only increases its importance to the city of Talent. On an economic glance, the revenue it brings to downtown Talent’s dining scene is crucial—since you might as well stop by the Pump House or the Grotto for a (respective) burger or pizza before an evening show.

If you haven’t been to a play or musical at the Camelot Theatre, you might want to head to Talent and see what you’re missing. Even if you have experienced this Southern Oregon gem, new shows are* (will be) performing every couple months, and one of them just might be your new favorite.

*Stay tuned for updates regarding the re-opening of theatres. Then, come support your local Talent!


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