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Local Innovation. National Reputation.

CENTRAL POINT, OR – Bierson Corporation has harnessed the resources of the Rogue Valley to create a small powerhouse of a company that transforms local wood products into a dazzling array of commercial and consumer goods. With almost no marketing, Bierson, based in Central Point, has developed a national reputation for fashioning three-dimensional surfaces that simulate leather, wood grain, stone, metal, high gloss finishes and eye-catching etched patterns, while using a base of common MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

The company lives by its core values of being others-minded, on-time, quality conscious and innovative to produce products for some of the country’s leading brands, which include speaker manufacturers and commercial fixture firms. “If you can always perform in the clutch, then that kind of performance brings you some love from your customers,” said Dave Casebier, who along with his brothers Don and Dan started the company in 1998 along with Peter Tronquet, former operations manager for Morgan Door in North Carolina. Tronquet retired in 2012, but the Casebier brothers continue to expand the company.

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Although none of its customers are local, Bierson draws raw materials from its network of Rogue Valley suppliers, including being just five miles from an MDF plant and five miles from a melamine manufacturing facility.

Quick turnaround times have created a loyal customer base, but Bierson has developed a reputation for its laminate surfaces where the seams are all but invisible and the details, including V-groove etching, create jaw-dropping effects. Dave Casebier was once at a trade show, walking around with a high-gloss panel that his company had created. “I would be grabbed by the arm, and people would say, “Where did you get that?” Casebier recalls.

The ability to innovate and create a buzz around its products has been the best marketing tool Bierson has devised. “We fired the last marketing guy, and that was me,” Casebier said, half jokingly. “We want to maintain the relationship with the customer and do a good job for them.”

With up to 35 loyal employees currently, Bierson hopes to double its capacity over the next five years. Casebier said it is difficult to find trained operators in the Rogue Valley, particularly for the kind of highly specialized equipment used by his company. The company partnered with SOREDI and Rogue Workforce Partnership to sponsor training for CNC (computer numerical control) machines that was made available to other companies in the area. Bierson had three of its own employees signed up for the training, which gave them a broader range of skills. The company started in Central Point where it has thrived since the beginning. “Can you think of a better place to live?” Casebier said. The location is ideal for the transportation needs of the company and to fulfill its promise to deliver product quickly. Located close to Interstate 5, Bierson can send shipments to downtown Seattle the next day, and to Los Angeles in two days.

Casebier said one client in New York that needed secondary machining and sub-assembly work received constant changes to its products but needed to get them to market quickly. “They had curve balls that they in turn threw to us,” Casebier recalls. “I remember taking box after box to Fedex. Some of them were sent on a Friday, which means they were waiting for them Saturday morning in New York City.” Bierson’s commitment to innovation is evident in making the company as “green” as possible. The air filtration system, which handles the dust from production, is so effective that the company sucked in air from last summer’s forest fires and processed it through its own system so that the air inside the building was cleaner than outside. Waste products are recycled by Bierson, and the company uses vacuum pumps to suck up material but found a way to ramp them down automatically, which saves energy and electrical costs.

“There are times when other companies balk because they want to be green. When they see the additional cost, the other green takes over,” Casebier said. “For us, it makes sense for the cost savings and because it’s good for the environment.”

Bierson Corporation
386 Bateman Dr.
Central Point, OR 97502
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