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Making Growth and Opportunity Count

If one were to look at KDP’s social media tags, it would be easy to see that the company relishes fun activities and retreats. From painting nights to holiday parties, the company spirit is different than you might expect from an accounting firm. Alyssa Borg, KDP’s Development Director, and Theresa McCoy, the Marketing Director, both agree that the company culture is one of enjoyment. “It’s a family-oriented place; it keeps people here.” With around 2,000 clients, five departments, and over fifty employees, KDP Certified Public Accountants LLP is the largest locally owned accounting firm in the region. Their newly finished building, grants more space than before, and supports continued expansion – and more of their engaging activities.

Back in 1979, two different accounting firms opened their doors in the Rogue Valley: Kosmatka Donnelly & Co. LLP, and Michael L. Piels CPAs, LLP. Both companies operated independently (sometimes even as competitors) until 2014, when they merged to create KDP. Though merging the two companies had its challenges, KDP is all the better for it. In 2019, the business was able to move to a larger building (which was nice for those who had been working in the hallways during the busy tax season), and in the coming years, KDP hopes to branch out and provide their services at other locations in the state. Currently, the accounting firm puts their thirty-plus years of experience to good use in Roseburg, Klamath Falls, and the beautiful Rogue Valley—where headquarters is quite content to stay. They appreciate the quality of life in Southern Oregon. Alyssa and Theresa agreed that “a lot of local accountants go to bigger cities like Portland, but then come back to the valley because it’s a nicer place to have a family.”

KDP Certified Public Accountants LLP is the largest locally owned accounting firm in the region
Photo Credit David Gibb Photography & Design

A new, larger staff has the ability to take on more clients. The company is excited for growth and new opportunities, as are KDP’s accountants. With five different departments at KDP (tax, wealth management, audit, CFO, and advisory), there’s plenty of flexibility between jobs, meaning that not everyone will be stuck doing the same tasks forever—something accounting students often fear. “Accounting is useful in any part of the business realm,” says Alyssa. KDP is familiar with every aspect of a business, so the jobs are far from monotonous.

When it comes to hiring more employees, KDP is known for looking local. In fact, nearly ninety-percent of their current accountants received degrees from Southern Oregon University. Accounting interns who fit with the company culture are invited to join the staff, and KDP has been putting more focus than ever into their onboarding process. “We believe everyone is 100% capable of learning,” says Alyssa. So when new hires are willing to learn, they most certainly become assets for the company. After receiving an accounting degree and completing training, new employees soon find themselves diving into the paint group painting nights and office parties, which as mentioned before, make the company “different—in the best way possible.”

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