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From Seed to Finish

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Timber Products Company, a fourth-generation, family-owned organization embodies the values of environmental stewardship, manufacturing excellence, and customer partnerships. With manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Timber Products began operations in Southern Oregon in 1967. Hardwood plywood, softwood plywood, particle board, decorative overlays and trucking operations represent five Timber Products divisions and 850 employees who call Southern Oregon home, with headquarters in Springfield, OR.

The Southern Oregon plywood facilities utilize veneer from logs peeled at its Yreka, Calif., softwood veneer facility. Northern California is also home to Michigan-California Timber Company (MCTC), an affiliated company of Timber Products that actively manages 115,000 acres of timberland. The Medford location also produces particleboard that uses “waste” wood from logging and manufacturing activities. In fact, Timber Products prides itself in having excellent processes with its integrated operations from timber management and harvesting, to log processing and panel manufacturing, or as they describe it, from Seed to Finish.

Timber Products created TP Trucking as a solution to its internal logistics needs over 50 years ago. What started as short- and long-haul trucking services exclusively for Timber Products, TP Trucking has grown to include brokerage services, maintenance, paint, and body shop services. Today, only a fraction of TP Trucking’s business is with Timber Products.

Recruiting and developing highly skilled employees is top-of-mind for Timber Products and TP Trucking leaders. According to John Wasniewski, Regional Manager-Oregon Panel Products, approximately 850 employees contribute to the success of this region alone. Work can be challenging, with processing plants operating 24 hours per day, 5 to 7 days per week, combining skills with the automation and robotics required to remain competitive.

Photo Credit David Gibb

Timber Products works closely with the State to generate career pathways. In 2017, the average high school graduation rate was 77%, and working with the schools to provide career technical education not only increases the likelihood someone will graduate, but it also provides all participating students with a foundation for family-wage jobs in a secure industry. Timber Products actively helps these young adults get started in the skilled trades, such as mechanics, electricians, millwrights, plumbers, and technicians. With such a strong focus on career development, it is no surprise that the basis of the internal culture is learning, support and trust. Employees are encouraged to bring forth new ideas to help the company achieve innovation.

As stated on their website, “Happiness is essential, which is why we invest in professional growth, fun, and work-life balance.” Wasniewski believes that Timber Products’ culture has been key to keeping employee turnover low. With a mission statement of “Have fun and make money,” it is no wonder why Timber Products and TP Trucking employees want to stay with the company long-term. According to Craig Turner, General Manager of TP Trucking, “We know there’s business to attend to, but you can work hard and have fun at the same time, while enjoying the people you work with.”

Southern Oregon is perfect for Timber Products and TP Trucking’s employees and their families. According to Wasniewski, employees enjoy proximity to metropolitan areas and access to abundant outdoor recreational activities. Ultimately, it is the close-knit, family-like feel of the company and the strong work ethic of the employees that resonates with the community and allows Timber Products Company and its divisions to thrive and grow.

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