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If you are a local manufacturing enterprise, you will appreciate this opportunity to meet one another and to learn from the experts at Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP), Moss Adams and OregonTech. In addition, every company will benefit from learning about the importance of corporate culture and successful methods of engaging employees in the process of meeting corporate goals.

Cheryl Collins, the former CEO of Ninkasi Brewing, will demonstrate how corporate culture is the underlying force that is either helping or hindering your organization. Culture is not just “the way we do things around here.” The essence of culture is in our underlying beliefs and assumptions. It drives our behaviors on a daily basis. Culture is a system that cannot be changed quickly, but it can be transformed. Join us to learn from Cheryl how to understand organizational culture and the role it plays in your company, identify elements impacting your culture and determine effective methods for transforming it.

Brian Sjothun, Medford City Manager, experienced at leading eleven departments, nearly 500 employees and an annual budget of $200 million, to the table to share the secrets of linking specific employee outcomes to overall company success. According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 15% of employees are actually engaged at work. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost opportunities and errors every year. Implementing recognized principles and establishing practices for employee engagement is a critical opportunity.

Tracey Coon, Assistant Professor at OregonTech will help you create a secure environment at all levels of your organization to prevent hacks and malicious software from stealing intellectual property and damaging your efficiency at work. It has become common practice to utilize intelligent devices to internal networks or even the internet, but are you prepared to secure your devices and equipment from data loss or viruses? OregonTech has developed a Cybersecurity degree program, thanks to this Oregon Air National Guardsman, who brings his experience providing cybersecurity from his military career, to the institute, into your place of business.

Augmented Reality – commonly represented by playing the Pokemon game on a cellular phone or tablet – used to be a pipe dream, but now it is bringing waves of change to the plant floor for manufacturers. Justin Gradek and Jason Stratton, both of OMEP, will team up with Taylor Messick, of Taqtile, to explain the various uses of augmented reality for manufacturing efficiency.

Fraud Protection – If you own or operate a small business, chances are you’ve worried about one of your employees stealing from your company. Your concerns are well founded—the typical company annually loses 5% of its revenue to fraud. Karen Allen CPA and Kim Reno CPA, with Moss Adams, will walk you through a balanced approach that focuses on key areas – including company culture, employee educations and internal control review – to help you mitigate fraud risks without inundating your workforce with cumbersome and costly policies and procedures.

The MFG Summit 2019: GET REAL! is happening on Friday, September 27. A light breakfast and buffet lunch will be served. Don’t miss it! 

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