Member news: SOU Executive & Management Training Workshops

SOU excited about the professional development workshops that are coming up in the next few months. Registration and more information can be found at

Upcoming workshops (click link for more info):

February 10th at 11:00am to 12:30pm – The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Research indicates that 85% of the breakdowns and productivity losses in organizations are due to misunderstandings and differences between people and departments. In this course, you’ll identify and learn how to apply 4 key elements of Emotional Intelligence.

March 4th at 10:30am to 12noon – Taking Chances to Lead Change

Who wins in today’s environment? The winners are the people who see the scariness of change as an asset rather than a liability. They will take chances to try out new ideas to lift the game for themselves and others. Leading change is not easy, because you won’t know the outcome until you try it, and that can be scary. Walls of resistance will rise, including your own. Yet embracing the scariness of the unknown is key to creating something better.

April 7th – 10:30am to 12noon – Conscious Communication 

One of the skills which serves us most in our work as leaders is the ability to listen not just to ourselves, but to others. So much conflict is caused because of a lack of understanding, an unwillingness to listen to the other, and being driven by one’s own need to be heard and right. We spend much of our time thinking about what we want to say next rather than being present and hearing what the other is saying. Or we try to convince the other of blame instead of solving problems together. Self-awareness and mindfulness enable more effective communication with your team, colleagues and community.

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