OMEP Business Continuity Planning Team to Support Oregon Manufacturers Throughout COVID19

OREGON—The Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) announced new resources to support Oregon manufacturers who face challenges associated with Covid-19. During this time of acute need, OMEP business consultants are available to assist manufacturers with challenges in the following ways:

OMEP is available to help manufacturers develop strategy and execution in their specific areas of need. These include but are not limited to:

  • Sales Impact: Current Market Forecast, Impacts and Opportunities
  • Financial Performance: Current and Forecasted, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Statements of Cash Flow
  • Leadership and Communication Plans: Organizational Alignment, Supply Chain Communications, Leadership During Uncertain Times, Dealing with Ambiguity
  • Supply Chain Management: Current Forecast and Impacts, Inventory Management and Balance Sheet Carrying Levels
  • Operational Planning and Staffing: Critical Employee Staffing & Management, Knowledge Capture, Up-Skilling and On-Boarding Funding through the Federal NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership allows manufacturers to be assigned a team of OMEP consultants to provide the strategic support needed to weather the current storm and build a prosperous future. OMEP is also supporting national and statewide efforts to assist manufacturers producing or retooling to create critically needed medical supplies.

OMEP is releasing an ongoing series of weekly event response webinars focused on strategic insights specific to current events. They will also offer tactical webinars for Oregon manufacturers with practical tools and methodologies to help businesses emerge in a stronger position.

In this time of uncertainty OMEP has programs designed specifically to support manufacturers. Companies should not allow financial concerns to keep them from accessing the services needed to address challenges. As a mission driven organization that puts our client’s needs first, OMEP will work to find a solution for all manufacturers. Interested companies should contact Mike Vanier at 503.406.3774 or visit

Part of OMEP’s Mission
“OMEP exists to be Oregon manufacturers’ source for growth and prosperity. During this time, we see a variety of activity including some slowdowns, as well as rapid growth.” Aaron Fox, OMEP’s President continued, “Our mission is to work side by side with manufacturers to provide assistance in Manufacturing Operations, Business Financials & Strategy and Workforce Solutions.”

About Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP)
OMEP is a not-for-profit organization that works side-by-side with Oregon manufacturers to evaluate and address their unique business challenges. One of 51 Manufacturing Extension Partnership resource organizations nationwide, OMEP receives state, federal and private funding to assist Oregon manufacturers. Since 2002, OMEP’s work with manufacturing businesses supported 21,100 jobs through direct, indirect and induced employment; and $2.7 billion in economic impact. OMEP clients have seen nearly $3.1 billion in increased or retained sales. In Oregon, nearly 20 percent of the gross state product comes from manufacturing, among the top 7 highest in the U.S.

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