Partner Opportunity — New To The Family: Introduction To Family Business

New To The Family: Introduction To Family Business

Feb 15 – Apr 24, 2021 (10 weeks)

Fees: $499 (4 credits)

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This course is designed for professional managers who are new to family firms. It will explore family business management to examine the required elements of a successful family enterprise, which may include a diversified and multigenerational organization comprised of multiple business lines.

Why Take This Course

This course creates an opportunity for students to study the dynamics that govern how family businesses react in the current business climate.

Topics include:

  • Family firms definitions and global impact
  • Systems and development models unique to a family business
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of family firms
  • Family governance, management and conflict issues
  • Strategic and financial family enterprise management issues
  • Case study about family enterprise resources and shareholder responsibilities
  • Transgenerational value issues in family enterprise longevity
  • Succession plan options during the generational transfer
  • Critical considerations for executive-level family enterprise advisors

What You Will Learn

  • Understand what makes family firms unique
  • Ability to explain current factors that impact contemporary family enterprises.
  • Ability to analyze the history of the family and business and identify human capital development potential within the enterprise.
  • Process to identify the stewardship responsibilities of the incumbent generation shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Process to identify sources of transgenerational value creation in multigenerational enterprises.

Who Should Attend

Family or non-family managers of family-owned businesses in the Pacific Northwest, primarily those with less than five years’ experience in a family business setting are our target audience for this course. This course also is applicable to individuals starting new ventures or new opportunities within an existing family firm.

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