Passion in Rogue River

The Southern Oregon Edge shares the amazing character of business and life in Southern Oregon.  If you will, we’re here to introduce you to Business and Balance in Southern Oregon.  That’s a tough job, because this place is so full of unique people how do find the common thread?  We look long and hard, and every now and then we come across a profile or video of someone that says it so darned well.  Today was one of those days.

We stumbled across this wonderfully produced video about Pholia Farms in Rogue River.  Like so many Southern Oregon startups, the owner’s of Pholia Farms came here to Southern Oregon to dare something new, re-invent their life, start their dream business.  It’s more than a business though, the number one thing we see sparkling here is passion.

Passion is one of the most common things you’ll encounter in Southern Oregon businesses and startup’s.  We’re used to risk-takers here.  There is definitely something about Southern Oregon that keeps the sparkle in the eye.

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