Southern Oregon Angel Investors Announce Next Round of Companies for Angel Investments

Additional Angel Investors are Invited to Participate

SOAIN LOGO (1)Medford, Ore. – August 31, 2015:  – The Southern Oregon Angel Investment Network is entertaining presentations from four companies at a September 15, 2015 event for accredited investors. These companies, collectively raising $3.5 million, include CredNetic and WizMaps of Medford, and Folium Partners and Homeschool Outerwear of Portland.

From 2011 the region’s Angel Investment Network has invested $1.34 million in seven companies through a winner-take-all elimination process. In late 2014 the angel investment network began evaluating at any and all angel-viable startups on an ongoing basis. This change allows for timelier investments, helping to better facilitate the company’s development plan.

The review process for companies seeking angel investments begins when the company presents to the Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc. (SOREDI) Sounding Board. This is followed by a vetting of active investors. In recent months, the outcome of this filtering process produced the four companies that will presenting to angel investors at the September 15 event.

“While offering widely different products and services, each of the companies presenting in September have thoroughly developed business plans and strong management teams.  We believe each is worthy of consideration for angel funding and hope one or more will receive the investment needed to make the next step in their business development.” says Tim Root, Venture Catalyst at SOREDI.

Additional investors are invited to participate in the September 15 event. If you believe you are accredited and wish to attend the event, please contact Tim Root at to receive your accreditation and invitation.

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