Southern Oregon Success Connects Companies with Resilient Strategies

Southern Oregon Success is a regional organization tasked with informing Southern Oregon stakeholders about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and their effects on growth and development. The workforce in Southern Oregon has a significant percentage of workers affected by ACEs and Southern Oregon Success is prepared to offer local human resource managers strategies for training/managing/retaining workers affected by ACEs. Local schools and healthcare providers are already benefiting from an awareness of these resilience strategies and employers are a logical next step for increasing awareness regionally. Local companies can benefit from applying resilience strategies to their normal worker training procedures, to increase worker loyalty and retention, in addition to minimizing sick days and disability claims. Paying attention to the psychological and emotional well-being of employees can add to a company’s profitability over time.

Todd Bloomquist, with Three Rivers Education District, spoke on this topic at the Southern Oregon Business Conference last year. Bloomquist’s presentation can be viewed on the SOREDI website.

For more information about ACEs, Resilience and Trauma-Informed practices, Southern Oregon Success has a full website on the topic. Contact Peter Buckley at Southern Oregon Success to schedule a meeting with a certified trainer or a workshop for your company.

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