“The Art of Fire” – Ashland News article by Jim Flint

Artist rendition of Cici Brown’s photo

Saturday, December 9, is another day to celebrate a business rising from the ashes in Talent, Ore. The Malmgren Garage, owned by Bonnie Morgan, is gaining new life and new purpose after decades of lives with many purposes. From 10am to 4pm there will be a grand reopening showcasing twenty artists and the music of cellist Daniel Sperry.

Photo by Cici Brown

Likely to be called “The Garage” moving forward, says Morgan, it will be a mixed-use space with apartment living in the back and commercial space in the front. In 1979 the Morgans purchased the building for their Oregon Pottery Supply business and occupied it for the next 30years. After closing it in 2008, they continued by renting the space up until the Alameda fire in 2020.


Photo by Cici Brown

With an artist’s eye, Morgan was captivated by the “design” left behind on the concrete and metal structure by the fire. At the event Saturday, plan to see pieces created by this “art of fire” inspiration. There will also be actual fire-marked metal design pieces available.

This new venue has been 100 years in the making. Come celebrate the Malmgren Garage!

SOREDI continues to seek economic revitalization funding for the burn scar area and has participated in several grant and loan programs to date. We are excited to see the area continue to come to life and celebrate with Bonnie Morgan and all who are calling Talent and Phoenix their business home.

To read the entire article and to learn more about the history of the garage and Morgan’s vision for the future, click here

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