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Weekend Beer Company was started by two couples—four friends who share a passion for great beer. The business became a quick success story and as the customers increased, the owners began the search for a larger location. In March 2021, the combined brewery and taproom opened a new location on Washington Blvd, where visitors can now brew up a good time—even on a Monday.

Located along the highway to both the Redwoods and the Coast, Grants Pass is rural enough to be scenic and outdoorsy, but metropolitan enough to lend convenience to the lives of its 38,502 inhabitants. “We live where people vacation,” said Kelsey Yoho, a co-owner of Weekend Beer Co. After meeting her husband, Troy, and both serving ten years as Army officers, the Yohos returned to Kelsey’s hometown and reconnected with Brandon and Ashley Crews, the other half of the company’s ownership. The Crews had both grown up in Grants Pass as well, where they met and graduated before going off to college. After thirteen years though, in which Brandon became a professional brewer and Ashley worked in marketing, the couple decided to return home. Southern Oregon proved to be the perfect place for the entire group to settle and open their very own brewery.
And the rest is history

In November of 2018, the citizens of Grants Pass and beyond were invited to celebrate the weekend every day of the week.

SOREDI was even able to be a part of the Weekend Beer Company’s story. A taproom and brewery are not cheap investments, and SOREDI helped with gap financing and property tax abatement incentives—helping to reduce bottom line expenses for a few years, making the owners’ dream possible. “Starting our own business was something we’d wanted to do for a long time,” Yoho said. “And after going to numerous breweries and taprooms, even in other countries, you start to see what works.”

Unlike some industries, breweries benefit from other local competitors. Tourists are more likely to spend a weekend tasting brews if there are multiple taprooms in the area. “It’s a pretty collaborative industry,” said Yoho. The biggest challenge is to get the word out to brewery tourists—Bend and Portland are not the only cities in the State with great taprooms. Southern Oregon is growing into a brewery destination as well—and when coupled with great outdoor recreation opportunities, the whole region has untapped potential as a tasting spot.

For example, in 2020, Weekend Beer Co. brewed up a partnership with Orange Torpedo Trips that allows visitors —and locals— to experience the beauty of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River, while also enjoying a pint or two. OTT’s Paddled Pub is a custom-designed raft—with a built-in bar. And the drinks—you guessed it! —are from Weekend Beer Company. What else says relaxation like a seven-mile float on a warm summer day?

Weekend Beer Company also prides themselves on their ability to appeal to a large demographic. On any given day, you may find young adults meeting up with friends, families getting tacos with their kids, even senior citizens laughing and drinking. With such an inclusive atmosphere, it’s hard not to have a good time. The food that accompanies their great beers comes from local food trucks who have agreements with Weekend Beer Company to park outside and serve their specialties. Having the food trucks—run by other local business owners—is yet another example of collaboration with the community, says Yoho.

Having already expanded from 500 sq ft of outdoor seating to 8,000 sq ft, Weekend Beer Company has plans for parking lot expansions—forty-four more spaces—and the addition of at least two more food trucks. With a current staff of seven, the brewery is poised to grow to a three-barrel brewing system, and eventually bottle more of their beers. With this step, distribution will be launched beyond the taproom’s walls—meaning you may be able to pick up your favorite brew on store shelves.

In the coming seasons, Weekend Beer Company is excited to host more events—and people. Expanding to a larger location during the height of COVID-19 was not something that many businesses were able to do. In many ways, the success of the business has been an inspiration to others—especially in the local community. Whether one prefers floating down the river with a drink in hand or reuniting with friends at the taproom, the startup brewery invites others to believe in relaxing and “living the weekend” —any day.

Weekend Beer Company | 1863 NW Washington Blvd, Grants Pass, OR 97526 | www.weekendbeercompany.com | (541) 507-1862

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