Each day, nearly 300 people converge in a White City, Oregon, facility to create new technology, engage in lean manufacturing, and serve a global customer base that spans more than 170 countries. And while it’s true that the city – just north of Medford – is small and relatively unknown, its owners, leaders, and workforce are continually on the cutting edge.

It’s not that this Oregon city is the only place that Carestream might discover its Edge to produce and distribute millions of square meters of medical imaging film, it’s that the region has proven itself since 2008. Currently, Carestream’s Southern Oregon division is exporting 10-plus containers of medical film each week. As a result, the company has made a name for itself as a major supplier for the global medical infrastructure.

Carestream_FRONTExcellence is the standard at Carestream, but accessibility and ease of delivery play a major role in the company’s ongoing success, explains Carestream Site Manager Mike Tylutki. “This Southern Oregon location is perfect because of the proximity to Los Angeles and Portland. Raw materials arrive from the Port of Portland or the Port of Los Angeles via truck or rail. Also, a good portion of our DRYVIEW medical film is shipped to Asia and this is a closer proximity to Portland than many other locations.”

Carestream is now leveraging its skilled workforce and coating assets to offer contract manufacturing services to others.  Companies from around the world use the Carestream facility and coating expertise to develop and manufacture their products for diverse markets such as batteries, renewable energy, fuel cells, displays, electronics, lighting, water filtration, security, aerospace and others.

And while medical imaging film is the current niche at Carestream, a game-changing product has evolved behind the laboratory doors of the firm’s research and development department. That’s no surprise to Business Development Manager Brian Pahl who says that the atmosphere at Carestream breeds innovation. “Our core competencies have brought this idea to life. It’s all based on our advanced understanding of silver chemistry and more than 100 years of coating expertise from our 3M and Kodak history.”

Innovation and high technology are at the center of Carestream’s new FLEXX transparent conductive film, created so the company can make its entrance into the multibillion-dollar touch panel industry. Simply said, Carestream’s product is more flexible than its competitors, has higher conductivity, is easily adaptable and costs less. “Few companies in the world can manufacture silver nanowires in high volume, with high quality. In fact, no one can match the combination of conductivity, transparency and flexibility that ours offers” says Tylutki.

It takes a strong, fortified team of people to move ahead. It helps that Carestream is owned by forward thinkers and employs great minds and skilled hands. It doesn’t hurt that Southern Oregon continues to draw more and more talented and technical people to the area.

“The quality of our workforce has enabled us to become the global volume leader of medical imaging film,” says Pahl. “The more Southern Oregon grows in the high-tech industry, the better it is for Carestream. We are excited about that growth, and we welcome new businesses who choose to live and work in this region.”

Carestream Health, Inc.

Mike Tylutki, Site Manager
Brian Pahl, Business Development
Mike Donnelly, C.P.M, Materials Manager
8124 Pacific Avenue
White City, OR 97503

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Photo Credit: David Gibb Photography & Design


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