SOREDI to facilitate regional business trainings

SOREDI has been awarded funds from Local Initiatives Support Corp (LISC), a national organization that strives to catalyze opportunity for communities.

With this funding, SOREDI will engage with local partners to host a series of 4-6 webinars. Webinars will be free to business owners and community members.

Webinars will be focused on increasing business capacity. The series proposes to span the following topics:

     1. Are you a business? Registering a business name, choosing an organizational structure, gaining legal operating status

     2. Are you making money? Learn the difference between net, gross, income, and cash flow.

     3. How important is your digital brand and communication?

    • ESignatures/PDFs – how to download, sign, save, and send professional documents
    • Business communication – why your subject line and email signature matters

      4. Why do you need to know that (Recordkeeping 101)? This session will focus on recordkeeping. We will understand what types of records may be needed for different purposes (ex: financing, real estate, insurance), and what those records should look like.

     5. What is your value? Selling others on your business is critical to expansion and prosperity. Learn what makes a stellar business pitch and how to craft your business value proposition.

     6. How did you find us? How to list your business online, and the importance of keeping an eye on your digital footprint.

Are you a regional technical assistance provider? 

Regional providers who are interested in providing one or more of the proposed sessions are encouraged to submit a letter of interest to no later than Tuesday, February 16. Inquiries should include: desired topic, brief description of relevant experience/work (may attach/link samples), availability, fees, marketing plan and/or engagement with local community.



  • Host live session (30-45 minute presentation total + Q&A time)
  • Manage attendee registration
  • Host recorded video and meeting materials (SOREDI retains right to use after the session)


  • Prepare content
    • ~10 slide deck
    • 1-2 handouts (example: summary, case study, worksheet)
  • Cross-market live session

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