1RVC: Tourism

Regional Strategy 4
  • SOREDI: Granted $60,000 for TSO through EDA’s 2020 CARES ACT.

  • TSO: Commissioned 1RV Marketing Strategy (Spring 2022).
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  • SOREDI: Granted $150,000 for Ashland Chamber of Commerce through EDA’s 2020 CARES ACT.

  • Ashland Chamber: Commissioned economic diversification study. 
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  • Medford: Passed a $60M bond for the future construction of the Aquatics Center.

  • Rogue Credit Union: Supported Aquatics Center and received naming rights.  

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  • SOREDI: Participated in Airport’s Master Plan.

  • Rogue Valley Intern'l Medford Airport: Expanded direct flight selections. 
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  • Medford: Continued use of US Cellular Fields and passed $60M bond for Aquatics Center.

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  • TSO/SOREDI/Bus. OR: Presented to Shady Cove on Adventure Maps and Parks & Rec. Planning.

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  • TSO: Working with Cave Junction on an ‘Adventure Map’ highlighting the region.

  • Butte Falls: Purchased Weyerhauser Land (2022). Focusing on hiking/biking networks through the BF Forest Recreation Committee.

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  • SOREDI: Participated with developers for hotels in CJ. A hospitality feasibility analysis for CJ is underway.

  • SBDC/SOREDI: Engaged with ORLA to co-host webinars for restaurant recovery/overcoming covid.

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  • Don Anway, Chief Operating Officer, Neuman Hotel Group
  • Gina Bianco, Executive Director, Rogue Valley Vintners
  • Casey Botts, Rogue Valley Mt Bike Association
  • Doug Bradley, Kensington Investments
  • Katharine Cato, Travel Ashland, Ashland Chamber
  • Andrea Childreth, President, Spotlight Marketing
  • Caitlin Fernandez, Business Support Manager, SOREDI
  • Jason Foster, Air Service & Eco. Dev. Manager, Airport
  • Bob Hackett, Executive Director, Travel Southern Oregon
  • TJ Holmes, President, Travel Medford
  • Terry Hopkins, Membership Representative, ORLA
  • David Humphrey, Arts Dept Director, SOU
  • Lindsey Jones, Community Engagement, IVCDO
  • Seth Kaplan, Executive Director, Greater Applegate
  • Eli Matthews, Chamber President, Medford Chamber
  • Kathy Nuckles, Councilor, City of Shady Cove
  • Colleen Padilla, Executive Director, SOREDI
  • Richard Rosenthal, Director of Parks, Rec, & Facilities Dept., City of Medford
  • Marta Tarantsey, Regional Development Officer, Business Oregon

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